Danny Stiles Documentary

Danny Stiles, “The Swami of Swing” had been spinning records and sharing his love of music from the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s for over half a century.  We were granted exclusive access to Danny, interviewing and capturing him sharing his passion for his favorite music and revealing how he became the renowned “Vicar of Vinyl”. Danny unfortunately passed away in 2010 but we are so pleased and honored to have so much wonderful footage.


We are now in the process of editing the several hours of footage for a feature length documentary.  Projected release date is the Summer of 2013.  Please watch our short video clip that was shown during the NYC City Lore’s Celebration of the best NYC Radio DJs.  The event was held on December 2nd, 2012 at The City Museum of NYC where Danny was honored for his outstanding work and long career in radio broadcasting.

Sonia & Andrei

This is an excerpt of a Video “Portrait”  we made for Sonia and Andrei who were married on Halloween. We filmed and photographed the Bride & Groom’s friends and family for this video that was played on screens throughout the wedding night. The full video also incorporated a slideshow of photographs of the wedding couple and provided yet another surprise for their guests.

Nicole & Michael

One of the most romantic NYC weddings that we’ve ever captured. To start their special day Nicole & Michael stroll the streets of NYC.  There were so many wonderful candid moments were captured on the Downtown Manhattan streets with even more revealed during the reception.  Explore the gritty yet upscale urban locale with Nicole & Michael and then for the reception, enter one of the most beautifully dramatic venues in lower Manhattan.  The beauty and elegance is evident in every moment captured during this wedding.

Kristi & Jonathan

How can you go wrong on the NJ water front? Unlike the stark black & white footage from the 1950’s “On the Water Front” so much is fully & colorfully captured by train, by water, by land. Kristi & Jonathan and their wedding party explore their surroundings and then show how to celebrate this special wedding day as it goes into evening.  So much fine food, great music, love and laughter to go around.  We stayed out of the way and let the cameras roll.

Caryn & Adam

The setting of greenery and water shows off the several special moments shared between Caryn & Adam. During this beautiful evening the setting only became more dramatic with this upscale Long Island setting. The décor, lighting & music shows what is possible and how to thoroughly celebrate one of the most important days in their lives.  Not a moment was missed.

Jack Silver

Friends and family came from far and wide to experience this amazing New York City Bar Mitzvah celebration. So much dancing and fun took place during the evening it was hard for most to experience it all. We were able to successfully capture every event and special moment during the night.  This is how to party with style with friends and family in an upscale New York venue.

Karen & Damien

Here is a short excerpt from the wedding video “Portrait” we made for the wonderfully unique couple, Karen and Damien. We staged the couple in front of a green screen and helped them re-visualize their story of how they met and the adventures of their journey together.


This video played throughout their wedding night and had their guests rolling with laughter. Years later, the Bride and Groom still receive glowing comments about their incredible reception video.

Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah

Unobtrusively captured in the Synagogue on Long Island revealing the love and friendship of friends and family during the airy reception. The spontaneous and easy moments flow naturally as Danielle recites her passage to becoming a young adult inside the Synagogue to dancing with her father and listening to all of her friends and family supporting her during this meaningful life transition.